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This article covers the 3 different files we supply with our Free SVG designs, and what their intended uses are. We will default to Cricut in the descriptions and images, because the Cricut Maker is our machine of choice, however our files will work in any machine that accepts SVG files. If you have Silhouette Studio Basic Edition, you can use the DXF file we include with each design.

What Is An SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. We won’t bore you with the super technical, drilled down description of an SVG (or any of the other files we supply) because there’s a lot of additional info that doesn’t really apply to how we, as crafters, will be using these files. We will cover how it relates to using a free svg in a cutting machine for crafting.

An SVG is scalable, which basically means you can resize it larger or smaller and it will not lose defintion, crispness or quality.

An SVG is also often a layered design, which means different parts of the design are saved as “layers” and can be edited, moved or deleted to suit your needs. If you have a Unicorn Face SVG, for example, the horn will be a separate layer to the ears and eyelashes.

This is really helpful if you want to change the color of the horn or reposition the eyelashes before sending it to cut. Here is an example in Design Space:

For Cricut and Silhouette machine crafting, you would use the SVG for cutting HTV and adhesive vinyl and any project you want to be able to edit or rearrange different parts of the design.

What Is A PNG?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic. As cutting machine crafters, we use PNG files for Print and Cut and iron on transfers. A PNG is a flat image with a transparent background. It does not have any layers, and you cannot edit it.

When using a PNG for cutting machine crafts, you would use it for print and cut projects like care instruction cards or iron on transfers, and sublimation printing.

What Is A DXF File?

A DXF file in simple terms is an outline of a design. We include a DXF file for using in Silhouette Studio Basic Edition, as the Basic version does not support SVG files.

Remember, once the DXF file is uploaded, it is not grouped, so if you try to move the design, then only the line section that you clicked on will move. To move the design as a whole, you must first select all, group and then move it. Here is an example of a DXF file in Silhouette Studio:

free svg files

We hope this has helped your understanding of the three file formats we include with our Free SVG designs. Please note that our designs are for personal use ONLY but our $1 Designs can be used for small business use up to 50 physical products. Each SVG design includes the relevant terms of use and copyright info.

If you would like to use one of our Permium $1 designs on more than 50 physical products, please email us at for our commercial licence prices.

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how to use free svg files

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